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Why study in India ?

The Indian education system began with ancient scriptures thousands of years ago. It has now transformed into modern-day education imparted in the finest institutions. The network of 42,000+ colleges and 1000+ universities has aided India to become an attractive education hub for international students. The same richness of Indian higher education needed due focus and led to the birth of the idea of the Study in India program.


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What It's Like To Study In The Multicultural Land Of India

Think of it as your friend circle in school - each person comes from a different background culture, and each interaction allows you to experience so much more than you would otherwise. Now expand that to a nationwide scale and you’ve got yourself a country as culturally diverse as India.

Rules To Follow While Packing for India

You’ve got your course offer, visa, and tickets, you're all set for your study abroad journey. What’s next? Packing those bags! As an international student, it is imperative that you carefully plan your packing list, considering you might be visiting home only once or twice a year. The last thing you want to do is forget to pack an essential item. Here are a few rules that'll help you get organized, so you don't miss out on anything.

Why India is a Great Option for International Students

India is a fantastic option for international students seeking a top-quality education, cultural enrichment, and diverse experiences. With its affordable education, global networking opportunities, and rich cultural heritage, India offers a well-rounded educational experience that can shape a promising future for students from around the world.

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